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Political Economy

The Cult of Economy Grayness

There had never been a time when Indonesia, its government and intellectuals, screams so frantically calling for more entrepreneur like nowadays. It is believed that if Indonesia has more entrepreneur then this country might get a better a chance to escape the cause of its demise: poverty. We can take that believe for granted because entrepreneurs can, and have always, save this country, provided that they run their businesses with honesty.

            Entrepreneurs do create wealth, and we know that wealth, with the right management, will create more wealth. More importantly, entrepreneurs do open up job opportunities. If one is qualified one can fill that vacancy. One can be a manager or a janitor, according to one’s qualification. One can labor with one’s brain or with one’s muscle, depending on one’s ability. Whichever position one fills, no matter how low, one has a job and one has the entrepreneurs to thank for providing such job, i.e., for providing one’s source of living. This nation’s desperate scream for more entrepreneur is just right.

            Yet observe how some of our governor candidates are promoting and promising to their local people that they will provide education and health care services for free. They say that education and health care are fundamental needs so they should be open for free-access by the people, i.e., the needy and the poor. At first glance, it looks like a desirable goal. It seems like a beautiful goal. But you should recognize the ugly truth within if you believe that nothing is for free. Ask this question to those candidates: at whose expense? They’ll remain silent or answer with their tounges twisted all the way.

            People (the consumers) will enjoy and benefit from free education and health care. Granted. But who’s paying for the teachers, the nurses and the doctors? Who’s paying for the schools’ and hospitals’ maintenance? Who’s paying for the text books, uniforms, medicines and medical equipments? The one and only answer would be: the government by subsidy. But where does the government get the money to do so? The most important source among others: tax money, i.e. money taken by legalized force from the productive people which, in this case, is taken to provide for the unproductive. And who are on the front line of a nation’s productivity? The entrepreneurs.

            Every productive effort has only one goal: success. In other word: longevity. How can we expect our new entrepreneurs to flourish and last if we drain—via taxation—their resources, their capital, from the very beginning of their businesses with nothing to return to these entrepreneurs, to the very people that will save us from poverty? The unproductive has nothing to return, and the free education and health care services program, when established, will undoubtedly include the unproductive, i.e. the parasites.

            Heroes are being called yet their own safety and interests are never concerned. This is a phenomenon that Ayn Rand, the founding-mother of Objectivism, would classify as moral grayness. I classify it as economy grayness (mixed economy), which is no other than a logical consequence of moral grayness. Moral grayness is so widespread in Indonesia, including in the government body, that it has become a cult. The members has no moral consistency, no adherence to principles and fundamentals, but only act on the range-of-the-moment. Such attitude is shown by those candidates who make their promises only to win the people’s heart, not the people’s mind—i.e., not the people’s rational judgment—in order to satisfy their range-of-the-moment interests: to be elected and to hold political power. Believe me!


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A former Philosophy student who aspires to become a professional stylist/fashion editor while cultivating his skills as a public relations/social media practitioner.


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