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The Edge of Release

The Edge of Glory - art from http://jannmarrythenight.devianart.com

Lady Gaga’sThe Edge of Glory” was probably one of the most anticipated songs from her new album, Born This Way (out this May 23). The release of that song a little more than a week ago felt so abrupt, as if Gaga was trying to make people immediately forget about Judas that didn’t do as well as Born This Way (the song) on the charts. But that didn’t change the fact that The Edge of Glory was highly anticipated and much welcomed by the fans, becoming a #1 song, reportedly, in 22 countries where iTunes was available.

The Edge of Glory, written by Gaga after and inspired by the passing of his grandfather, was boasted by Gaga in an interview as “fucking beautiful”. Rolling Stone’s Matthew Perpetua also commented about the song that “if any of these new Gaga tunes demands to be a big fat hit, this is it.” And Stephen Hill, BET’s President of Music Programming, reportedly was also calling the song “phenomenal”. Naturally, all those praises built the fans’ expectation and judging by the song’s performance on the charts, a lot of people were satisfied.

I’m one of the Little Monsters that fell in love with The Edge of Glory. I didn’t love the song instantly on first hearing like I did with Judas (yes, that’s true), but after hearing it for three times I have grown to love it. The song, however, did not sound like what I expected it would. I tried to digest the pre-descriptions that some sources have provided and I thought the song was going to be faster and louder than it is, like Judas. But, no, the song is entirely something else.

Right before I arrived at my office to download The Edge of Glory, the read a tweet from @GagaIndonesia, saying that the song sounded like a Disney theme song. After I heard the song, I would have to agree with @GagaIndonesia and I think they provided the best description of the song. Not only that The Edge of Glory sounds like a Disney tune (I can’t be specific which one, it just sounds like one) but it also feels like one, especially because of the way the song makes me feel and the sort of images that the song impresses on me.

What do we usually find in Disney productions? Magical landscape, enormous castle, colorful trees, animals that can’t stop smiling, and fireworks in the sky (please, this has nothing to do with Katy Perry). I imagined all of that when I heard the song and I started getting tears on my eyes, much like Popjustice.com’s reviewer did and some Little Monsters out there. It wasn’t because I felt Gaga’s emotions through the song, but because when I was playing the Disney scenes in my head, I imagined the characters being either on a roller-coaster ride up to the sky with fireworks blowing and colorful hot air balloons flying on the sides or running so fast up on a hill, with big smile on their faces, ready to jump off the cliff with the sun on the horizon.

Both are the kind of situations that get you feeling exhilarated, like you have been freed from your problems and pains and just set free without any burden whatsoever. Listening to The Edge of Glory made me feel like I was finally in that state and it felt so good to finally be freed and let go whatever it was that I needed, unconsciously, to let go. The song gave me some sort of release and that state felt like glory to me.

– Taws Up! –


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