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Beyonce Runs Music Video

I stand by my decision that I don’t like Beyonce‘s new single Run The World (Girls). But the video, which was released recently and you can see here, is just a visual masterpiece. Francis Lawrence directed this video, the same guy who directed Lady Gaga‘s insanely succesful Bad Romance video. The static formation of people in this video is similar to that in Bad Romance.

I like everything about this video: the choreography (it was perfect with every beat of the song, and Bey is a way better dancer than Gaga), the set design, and the best of all is the costumes. Bey was not worn by the outfits, she looked so natural and comfortable in them. And that Givenchy Haute Couture gown from Spring/Summer 2011? Superb!

The most brilliant part of the video was when Bey shot by the camera, bending on the dirt, upside down in rotation. It was the first time I seen it and I think it was genius, regardless of whether Lawrence was the first to do it or not. (wait, Melina Matsoukas sort of did that too for Bey’s Upgrade U video)

This video is just what Bey needed to redeem herself from the poor performance of Run The World (Girls) single on iTunes and on the charts. And if I have this video to see, I’ll deal with the song anytime. Just watch it, watch this testament of Bey’s supremacy in Pop music industry.

– Taws Up! –

Shoes from Beyonce's Run The World (Girls) video - image from http://thefashionwhorereport.blogspot.com


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