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Back for Good?

A white lamb I found in Lembang during company outing

I guess The Almighty does work in mysterious ways. It’s been about 2 years since the last time I posted anything on this blog (formerly named “Either/Or” or “Speak My Mind” or something else), and now I have a renewed interest in writing on my blog again.

So how did The Almighty work to renew my interest in writing? I think S/He made this happen for that reason: I got a BlackBerry Message from my boss this morning, asking me to come over to Social House where she was spending time with her daughter and some business associates. She did mention something about blog in the BBM, but before I got to her I thought she wanted me to help her with creating blog or whatever professional thing she had regarding her new fashion agency venture.

I sat down and then she revealed that she wanted me to help her tween daughter set up her own blog. I thought “OK, cool. It’s not something that I would get paid for, but what’s the cost of doing a small favor like this? Let’s do it!”. Me and her daughter explored the daughter’s WordPress account on her mom’s iPad (I never really touched an iPad before, so it was a new, challenging experience). She was supposed to write something about her school field trip, but we had to set a theme first for her account.

That’s when my interest began to spark. I browsed through all of the themes that WordPress had to offer and thought “hey, this theme is quite nice, that theme looks kinda good”. The visuals really caught me, and it felt so good browsing on iPad. After it all ended (we decided on a theme for the daughter), I felt that need to do it all over again.

I spent the remaining day at the office working on my blog, finding a new theme and basically setting the blog up to look more decent than it was. I was going back and forth between my own interest and what I had to do to keep the salary coming, and as I was doing so I started to realize how I have much to write.

Honestly, the sudden return of interest did distract me from my job. I began to, and still, feel that writing is what I’m supposed to be doing. And if I continue to do so seriously, maybe I’ll be able to make money out of it like many other bloggers do. Who knows?

I don’t know how much I can commit to this blog. I do know that I have materials to write about, time and facility to write them down, so maybe I’ll do better than how I have done for the past 2 years. We’ll see.

– Taws up! –


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