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Musing of a Monster

I dedicate the following poetry to Lady Gaga who, gradually after the release of “Born This Way“, has been under attack from certain people for her artistry and her belief in defending the rights of LGBT and other different kinds of human being. I composed this poetry as a response to the accusations made to her regarding the message of her 2nd single, “Judas“. Regardless of where Lady Gaga actually stands, in the light of God or behind the presence of Satan, this is where I stand as her Little Monster.

Musing of a Monster

“I just want to dance // until I reach the state of trance // Though I’ll be beyond repentance // I won’t care, I’ll take my chance

My spirit is a solid lance // stands erect with a perfect stance // Mine and yours make our fence // Against evil they’re our defense

Your belief will face resistance // so arm yourself with persistence // In life you need some prudence // so you can live your romance”

I posted the 3 parts of this poetry on my Twitter account, @MrTawakal, on the evening of April 17, 2011. They are the 1st of a series of my Twitter poetry that I entitled #PoeTwit. I hope that Lady Gaga will read this one day, and I hope that she and everyone else that reads it, feel somehow empowered by it.

Thank you for making me dance, Mother Monster.

– Taws and Paws Up! –


When I Die…

When I die,

I don’t want to be buried under bricks and cement

Just a fertile soil and green grasses

I don’t want tomb with religious affiliation

Just simple stuffs, name, RIP, DoB, & DoD


When I die,

I would love to share my grave with my loved one(s)

Especially my wife, if I had any by the time I pass

Of course she could refuse to share

And I won’t be alive to painfully know her refusal


When I die,

I want people to mourn me

Cry their hearts out as if they couldn’t live without me

I want my funeral to be attended by thousands

Just like Jean-Paul Sartre’s

Also broadcasted and seen by millions

Like Princess Diana’s

That would really make me feel special

(Yeah right, like I would still be able to feel)


When I die,

I don’t want to go to heaven

At least not to the so-called “better place”

I don’t need 7 angels, milk river, and golden gate

Nothing is better than being on earth with my loved ones

(I can say that for now…)


After death,

I think it’s either I reincarnate or end for good

So pathetic is the idea of heaven, a utopia of those dreamers

Who cannot accept pains and sufferings



An event, inevitable one

And yet we can prepare for it, having this and that in advance

Just to make it extraordinary


Like a play,

Death needs a spectacular ending

Precedented by spectacular acts from spectacular actor(s)

I’ve wished for spectacular end, but have I acted spectacularly?

Only the audience can tell